Why Make Youtube Shorts Video
12 January 2023

Why Make Youtube Shorts Video

What is a youtube short?

YouTube Shorts are short, vertical videos that are created using the YouTube Shorts camera and editor. They are designed to be viewed on mobile devices and are typically 15 seconds or less in length. YouTube Shorts allow users to easily create and share short videos on the platform, using a variety of creative tools such as music, filters, and speed controls. They are similar to TikTok, Reels, and Instagram Stories. YouTube Shorts are available in the YouTube mobile app, and can be found in the YouTube Shorts feed and in the YouTube search results.

Where to find youtube Shorts?

You can find YouTube Shorts in several places on the YouTube mobile app:

  1. YouTube Shorts feed: A dedicated feed of Shorts videos that can be accessed by tapping the “Shorts” icon on the bottom of the YouTube mobile app.
  2. YouTube Search: When searching for a topic on YouTube, Shorts videos will appear in the search results alongside other videos.
  3. Creator’s channel: Some creators have started using Shorts as a new way to engage their audience. You can find them on their channel if they are using Shorts.
  4. Recommended Shorts: YouTube uses its recommendation algorithm to suggest Shorts that you may like, based on your watching history.
  5. YouTube Studio: Creators can access YouTube Studio on their mobile devices to review and manage their Shorts, and also to see the performance of their videos.

Why create Youtube Shorts?

On social networks, short videos have become the most popular. Because they capture attention and are easy and quick to create and consume. By opting for this format, you can increase your audience. Shorts are not yet very exploited by companies, so it is a new market to conquer.

Try shorts if you have an idea for a topic but it’s too short for a regular video. You can offer a quick tutorial or a new promotional offer.

You can revive your old videos with this short format! Adapt them to the shorts format

It’s very easy to convert a video to shorts, a feature has been implemented by YouTube: “Convert to Shorts”. Go to your channel and click on a video. A “Remix” button appears. Choose the passage to highlight and publish. You have just adapted your old video to short format in just a few seconds!