Video ideas for your blog
15 May 2023

Video ideas for your blog

Creating a blog allows you to develop your expertise and share your advice with your audience. It’s a great tool to drive traffic to your website! But sometimes despite your best efforts, you fail to engage your audience. What if you publish videos in your blog posts? We will explain everything to you !

Why embed videos in your blog posts

Publishing videos within your blog posts will benefit you for several reasons:

Optimize your SEO

Publishing audiovisual content in your blog posts boosts your visibility. Your article can now stand out in two different ways either  in the form of a hyperlink either in the form of a video player. Video can generate up to +150% natural traffic from search engines.

Upon arriving on your page, the visitor’s attention is immediately captured by the video. By viewing your content, visitors extend their session duration. On average, they spend 2.5 times more time on pages that include audiovisual content. And the higher your average visit duration, the more the Google algorithm will put you forward. This data testifies to the relevance and quality of your blog.

Improve your audience

The video format has a major advantage: it reinforces the memorization of messages, by soliciting visual and auditory memories. It is also a vector of emotions. Emotion also boosts memorization and sharing. This is the key to engaging your audience.

Video is the trend

The video is the trend of recent years and it is not ready to end! More and more of us are watching it and we consume a lot of it: people over the age of 18 spend more than 4 hours a day watching audiovisual content.

Videos ideas to post on his blog

The teaser

The goal is to make readers want to read the article. For this, we recommend publishing a short format, in which the author discusses the main subject of the article, its headlines and some key information. Above all, it must highlight the main benefit for readers.

The case study

The case study complements the blog post and illustrates it with concrete examples. This format can last up to 3 minutes in order to cover the subject in its entirety. Be careful, however, not to publish content on your blog that is too long and that might not be watched in its entirety.

Why embed videos in your blog posts

The tutorial

Tutorials consist of explaining how a product, software, process works… It is a format that can easily be integrated into a blog article. Indeed, technical topics can drive your audience away. Thanks to the tutorial, you reassure her and then get to the heart of the matter.

Illustrative clips

Just like a photo, illustrative clips are used to create pauses during playback. They illustrate simple concepts or add a bit of entertainment within dense content. These are very short filmed extracts.

The author’s presentation 

If your blog pages are written by several authors, you can publish a video presentation of each of them on their respective articles. The author could introduce himself, briefly mention his skills and interests. This format aims to attach the name of the editor to a face and therefore, to humanize your blog.

Putting a video on a blog provides additional information, generates emotions and adds a human aspect. Your readers will be more receptive to this original and dynamic format. They will be more likely to interact with you via the comment space, contact you and share your articles.

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